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Helping the Hooksett-ites Keep on Smiling

Did you hear? We took knowledge on the road! Dr. Mann and the Mann Family Dental team have been creating smiles in the community for over 25 years. Beyond creating smiles in office, we take pride in generating smiles through education and community outreach.

Recently, Dr. Mann shared valuable information with our very own local Hooksett-ites during their Friday morning meeting at the Hooksett Public LIbrary. Dr. Mann discussed various dental topics from the relationship to oral and body health to dentures and dental implants. Dr. Mann and two certified dental assistants answered questions and opened dialog about the benefits of good oral hygiene to the 60 ...

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For Mild Dental Anxiety, Try Listening to Music at the Dentist

Let’s be real – the dentist can be a stressful place. Just the thought of the dentist getting out the drill can send some people into a bleak terror. If you’re looking for ways to calm down during your next appointment, have you considered listening to music at the dentist? It’s a great tool to keep your stress and fear under control if you use it correctly.

Why is Music Good for the Dentist?

Numerous studies have proven that music is a proven tool against stress. In fact, a 2013 study found that music was better than prescription drugs for calming patients down before surgery. This is because music helps to reduce ...

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5 Foods That Are Good for Your Dental Health at Thanksgiving

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since we posted our last Thanksgiving blog. Last year, I listed four types of food you should avoid to keep up your dental health at Thanksgiving. They were carbonated and sugary drinks, sticky treats, all-day munching, and overdoing the cranberry sauce.

My goal was to make everyone a bit more aware of how all that holiday eating can gang up on you and put your dental health at greater risk. There’s nothing I enjoy more than doing a routine dental exam and seeing my patients’ pearly whites are healthy and seated in solid, pocket-free gum tissue.

So, this Thanksgiving, let’s accentuate the ...

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5 Things You Can Do While Brushing Your Teeth

Experts agree that you should spend around two minutes brushing your teeth. This is an adequate amount of time for completely cleansing the surface of the top and bottom rows. However, just standing around in the bathroom for two minutes can get really boring. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to make your two-minute session a lot more productive and entertaining.

Listen to a Podcast

If you haven’t gotten on the podcast bandwagon, you’re missing out. Recurring shows like This American Life and limited series like Serial swept the nation and became viral sensations. However, both of these shows have run-times that go a little longer than a two-minute ...

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What Does It Take to Break a Tooth? How Strong are Teeth?

By this point in life, you’ve probably realized that your teeth are pretty tough. Otherwise, we’d all break them into tiny shards every time we crunch on a stray popcorn kernel or accidentally bite down on a utensil. But if you’ve ever suffered any kind of chipped or broken tooth, you know your pearly whites aren’t invincible. Just how strong are teeth? Let’s look to the facts to find out.

Mohs Hardness Scale Rating

Your teeth are mostly composed of hydroxyapatite, a form of calcium phosphate. If that sounds like a mouthful (pun intended), all you really need to know is that the apatite group of minerals are a 5 on the ...

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The Future of Brushing? This New Toothbrush Tracks Your Brushing Habits

As technology continues to spread throughout the world, it should come as no surprise that researchers are making new advancements in oral care. While the standard toothbrush has been working fine, that hasn’t stopped Oral-B from creating a brand new gadget that will revolutionize the way you brush your teeth. With the Oral-B Genius toothbrush, you’ll never be able to skimp on brushing your teeth again. That’s because this new toothbrush tracks your brushing habits.

Technology to See Where and How Long You’re Brushing

Estimates show that 80 percent of people don’t spend enough time brushing certain parts of their mouth, while 60 percent of people don’t brush their back molars ...

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It’s Time You Know the Difference Between a Dentist and a Dental Hygienist

When you’re at the dentist, the person that cleans your teeth might not be your actual dentist. Instead, a dental hygienist often takes care of the “dirty work” by cleaning your teeth for inspection by the dentist. So, what’s the actual difference between these two qualified individuals?


The largest and most important difference between a dentist and a dental hygienist is education. Dentists are doctors, meaning that they go to school to obtain a bachelor’s degree and then go to four more years of dental school in order to earn certification. Dental hygienists, on the other hand, only go to school for two for four years. They earn an associate’s or ...

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Is Dental Insurance Right for Me?

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your dental expenses, you may have considered investing in dental insurance. Generally, this type of insurance is not included in a health care plan, so it must be selected as a separate option. While plan literature might make it sound like a bargain, the monthly premiums may be a turnoff for you. All things considered, is dental insurance really worth the cost?

Types of Dental Insurance

Like like health insurance, dental insurance also comes in a few different levels in order to make it as confusing as possible. Generally, there are three separate forms of insurance: dental indemnity insurance, a PPO, and an ...

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5 Valentine’s Day Treats That Won’t Wreck Your Sweetheart’s Mouth

Valentine’s Day is a holiday renowned for its celebration of timeless love, undying passion, and sweets. Unless you want to be scorned by your loved one, there’s pretty much no way of escaping giving decadent treats as a present. However, that doesn’t mean you have to completely throw your dental hygiene out the window. By taking a bit of time to research the candy and chocolate market, you can choose valentine’s day treats that won’t be harmful to you and your loved one’s teeth.

1. Dark Chocolate

It might be hard to believe, but chocolate is actually one of the best Valentine’s Day treats for your mouth. Because it melts so quickly, ...

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Foods Your Teeth Want You to Avoid on Thanksgiving

Oh my goodness it’s almost Thanksgiving! A day to give thanks and eat food. And then eat some more food, before we go to sleep dreaming about that food. I’m not trying to rain on your parade, but someone needs to speak for your teeth. All that food might seem like a really good thing, but there’s a good chance your teeth will be suffering through the holiday. Here are a few things you should at lead try to avoid eating on Thanksgiving, for the sake of your teeth.

  • Carbonated or Sugary Drinks – No brainer. A dentist’s grudge against sugary beverages is not something we try to hide. Don’t drink ...

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