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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Dental Implants

August 10, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Russell D. Mann
dental implants | manchester nh

With new dental implants shining in your mouth, your smile will look better than ever before. However, there is one crucial aspect to making dental implants look authentic, and that is color. While you might be tempted to choose a blindingly white shade to make yourself look like a movie star, chances are it would not match your other teeth. Here’s a short guide on how to choose the right color for your dental implants.

Look at the Surrounding Teeth

Obviously, the best method to determine the correct shade for your dental implant is to look at the surrounding teeth. You’ll want a tone that fits into the existing shades. However, keep in mind that every tooth is not the same color. Frequently, eye teeth are darker than the surrounding teeth. The opposite is true for front teeth, which are the brightest. Therefore, you might have to take a slight guess when it comes to the appropriate color.

Use the Shade Guide

Luckily, it won’t be on your shoulders to select the correct shade for your dental implant. Your dentist will be the one making the ultimate decision. Your dentist will likely use the VITA shade guide, a system that classifies the color of teeth into four groups:

A – red/brown
B – red/yellow
C – gray
D – red/gray

Once your dentist has established your teeth’s primary tones, they can then assign a darkness or lightness value from one to four, with one being the lightest and four being the darkest. This means there are a total of 16 different color options.

This shade guide comes with samples which can be held up to your teeth to see how close they are. Your dentist will use their expertise to find the shade that fits your mouth.

Dental Implants Will Not Whiten

That being said, it’s important to remember that dental implants will not react to teeth bleaching. Therefore, if you’re considering bleaching your teeth after having your dental work completed, you may need to work with your dentist to ensure the final results will match up.

Consider choosing a shade that’s one or two tones lighter than your natural teeth to prepare for your eventual whitening treatment. Better yet, have your teeth whitened to your ideal shade before choosing your dental implant. That way, you will know for sure that it’s going to match, as whitening results are not the same for everyone. What you might think will be the perfect shade could end up being too dark or too light, and it won’t be easy to correct.

Overall, with the help of Dr. Mann, you should have no problem finding the right color for your dental implants. He has over 20 years of experience assisting his patients with their cosmetic dentistry needs. Ready to transform your mouth into the beautiful smile you crave? Schedule your appointment today!

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