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Can I Drive after Sedation Dentistry?

May 29, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Russell D. Mann
sedation dentistry | manchester nh

Is it safe to drive after sedation dentistry?

That depends on the type of sedation you dentist administered for the procedure. One of the services we offer at Mann Family Dental is conscious non-IV sedation dentistry. While the patient isn’t fully asleep during the procedure, we do make sure they have a companion with them during and after their visit. This companion should drive them home, and also stay with them for the rest of the day. After a night’s sleep, the patient should be fine to drive and carry on without someone’s help. But we advise the patient to be safe and not drive until they feel back to normal.
We also use nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” as another form of sedation dentistry. The patient remains conscious while the nitrous oxide gives them a feeling of euphoria and takes the edge off of any pain or discomfort. In the case where a patient is administered only nitrous, it’s usually okay for them to drive themselves home. In both of these cases, we stress that the
patient still remain cautious and drive when they are comfortable.
IV sedation is when the patient is completely asleep. With the help of a licensed anesthesiologist, we offer this form of sedation dentistry in our office as well. Similar to conscious sedation, you should not drive after the procedure and you should have a companion stay with you for the rest of the day. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of YouTube videos of patients acting goofy after oral surgery. Anyone in that state of mind should not be left alone. In any case, make sure you speak with your oral surgeon about all of your questions before you go in for your surgery.

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