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Get the Facts about IV Sedation!

November 25, 2019
Posted By: Mann Family Dental
Sedation facts graphic from Mann Family Dental showing dentist using sedation on patient

You’ve probably heard of IV sedation dentistry before but do you know the facts?

Fact: Being nervous about going to the dentist is normal!

Studies show that up to 75% of the total population has some form of dental fear or anxiety, and around 10% have an actual dental phobia! Whether a past bad experience or just nerves about enduring a lengthy procedure are the cause, dental anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. The critical thing to remember is dental anxiety doesn’t mean you can’t have a pleasant experience in the dental chair! 

Fact: IV Sedation will make dental work a breeze. 

IV sedation is administered into your bloodstream resulting in a nearly instant reduction in fear and anxiety. We use a very small needle to release the medicine into a vein in your arm or the back of your hand. The resulting feeling can best be described as a deep state of tranquility. Imagine how much better you can feel getting the dental treatment that you need in complete relaxation! The medication we use has an amnesia-like effect. You’re awake and able to communicate during your procedure, but most patients forget some or all of the experience. 

Fact: Real patients are enjoying better care, thanks to IV Sedation!

Recently, Deb was scheduled to have some bridges done in the back of her mouth. Note what Deb had to say about her concerns, “I have never been hurt by a dentist, so it wasn’t pain that I was afraid of. I was concerned about having people in my face for such a long time. I was also worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth open[during a lengthy procedure].” How did Deb benefit from IV sedation? She noted: I remember being in the chair and being aware that they would do the work but it didn’t really bother me, it was a very comfortable experience. 

Fact: Better care is waiting for you at Mann Family Dental!  

If you are a fearful patient or are anticipating a lengthy dental procedure sedation dentistry can help. Dr. Mann is one of a small number of dentists to receive an unrestricted moderate sedation permit from the New Hampshire Board of Dental Examiners. This permit allows the use of Intravenous medication as well as oral medication to treat fearful and high anxiety adult patients in a comfortable and relaxing environment. If you struggle with dental anxiety or fear or if you have a lengthy dental procedure coming up, talk to Dr. Mann about IV Sedation.

1. Do You Want Your Dental Work to Breeze By?

No one wants to feel like they spend all their time in the dental chair. Head over to our blog to learn why IV sedation is the key to easy, comfortable dental work that will breeze by! Ask Mann Family Dental how IV sedation can work for you! 

2. Curious About the Facts on IV sedation? 

Find out how real-life patient Deb overcame her dental anxiety with IV sedation. If you’ve always wondered if IV sedation is right for you, head to this months blog and get the facts about IV sedation. Call Mann Family Dental to learn more. 

Watch Dr. Mann discuss Sedation Dentistry with one of his patients!

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