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What Happens If Your Dentures Chip?

August 22, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Russell D. Mann
dentures | manchester nh

Dentures are a great replacement for missing teeth. However, like your natural teeth, they are not infallible. While they can stand up to most wear and tear, dentures can sometimes be chipped or cracked by crunching down too much on hard foods or by being dropped on the ground. So what do you do if your dentures chip?

Having your dentures chip can be a bit scary, as they were a big investment. Luckily, there are several ways to repair your dentures in the event they become damaged.

Use Dental Wax

In many cases, your dentures break suddenly and without warning. Because you probably don’t want to go toothless until you fix the problem, use dental wax to cover up the broken edges so you don’t cut your mouth on sharp points. However, the best method is to just remove your dentures and soak them until you can get to our office. If you continue to wear them, you might cause further damage.

Avoid At-Home Repairs

Never try to repair your dentures on your own by gluing them back together. Even if you’re precise, the repair will likely fail and could even cause you to choke if the chip breaks off and goes down your throat. Even worse, many at-home repair kits are made with hazardous glues that could negatively impact your health. Finally, when it comes time for us to make permanent repairs, we have to remove all traces of the glue, which can be tricky to ensure a successful repair.

Visit Our Dental Office

Your first step in fixing your dentures should be to come into the office so we can have a look. Let our experienced professionals take a look at the damage. We’ll be able to tell with a physical examination just how bad the problem is and what your next step should be. Be sure to gather all the broken parts, including wiring.

Get a Replacement Tooth

In most cases, we can simply remove the broken tooth on the denture and add a new one. If you’ve had your dentures for a while, we can even color match the new tooth to the color of the old teeth. We will anchor the tooth securely in place so it’s just as strong and firm as the other teeth in the dentures.

Get Replacement Dentures

Unfortunately, if the structural integrity of the dentures is compromised, you may have to invest in a new set. Usually, this only happens in cases of extreme damage or after many years of wear and tear. We’ll advise you if a replacement is necessary or if repairs will suffice.

Are you having problems with your dentures? We can evaluate your hardware and make sure everything is fitting right. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Mann today to learn more.

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