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How to Maintain a Healthy At-Home Oral Health Routine

April 10, 2020
Posted By: Mann Family Dental
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Achieving beautiful, healthy teeth for life doesn't just happen by itself—it takes a lot of effort and care to have noticeably vibrant teeth and gums.

Preventive dentistry can help avoid dental issues like chipped or broken teeth, severe stains or yellowed teeth, uneven or crooked teeth, gaps in your smile, and more. Being mindful of your diet, lifestyle, habits, and personal hygiene regimen is essential for your oral health success. 

At Mann Family Dental in Manchester, NH, we advocate practicing preventive dentistry to avoid major dental complications. Dr. Russell D. Mann and his professional dental staff are available to answer any dental health questions or concerns. 

Brush Your Teeth Before Bed

Most patients know to brush their teeth twice a day, but for some, it can be hard to remember after a tiring day when all you want to do is go straight to bed. Remember, your teeth and gums pick up plaque, germs, and food debris that builds up during the day. Brushing your teeth at night is part of your daily habits that prevent tooth decay, infection, gum disease, and other health issues. 

Brush up on Your Brushing Techniques

Once the first step is part of your daily routine, let's take a look at how you brush your teeth. Doing a quick swipe or not effectively hitting all surfaces is just as effective as chewing gum for health. Brushing your teeth should take two minutes, with gentle, circular motions that remove plaque build-up. If not removed, this plaque forms into calculus and possibly gum disease. 

Don't Ignore Your Floss

It might be tempting to think that brushing should be enough, but it's more than just picking out debris and particles (which can lead to tooth decay if not addressed). Flossing also helps reduce plaque, stimulate gums, and even lower inflammation. 

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Water acts as our personal cheerleader; it helps revive us, wash out toxins, and keep us healthy. After meals, a drink of water can remove sticky and acidic foods that like to coat your enamel. Plus, water is a wonderful benefit to all your other bodily systems. 

Prevention Is the Best Cure

Dr. Mann at Mann Family Dental in Manchester, NH, can help remove plaque and tartar that inevitably builds up (despite regular brushing and flossing). Our dental check-ups allow us to see if there are early signs of decay, infection, abscesses, and more.

Call us today to schedule your next dental cleaning so we can keep your smile healthy and strong. 

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