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5 Reasons Your Dental Implants Might Be Causing You Pain

December 27, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Russell D. Mann
dental implants | manchester nh

Because dental implants are a major procedure that involves cutting into gums and drilling into bone, it’s quite natural for you to experience some pain after having them put in. However, this pain should only last about seven to 10 days after the procedure. If you are still suffering after this period or have new pain months afterward, it could be an indication that something is amiss. Here are 5 reasons your dental implants might be causing you pain.

1. Infection

One common complication of dental implants is an infection. This can occur because of bacteria that was present during the surgery or because you don’t exercise proper dental hygiene. Other than pain, you may notice inflammation or swelling in the area or bleeding of the gums near the implant.

It’s very important to seek treatment if you think you have an infection. If left untreated, you can begin to lose bone, causing the implant to fail. The best treatment for infection is antibiotics.

2. Loose Implant

Sometimes, an implant may not be installed successfully. When this happens, the jawbone and the implant don’t fuse together properly, allowing the implant to become loose. There can be a number of reasons this occurs, including insufficient bone volume or improper positioning.

Regardless of how it happens, one thing you will notice with a loose implant is pain. Unfortunately, whenever an implant is loose, it usually means that it must be removed.

3. Loose Healing Cap

In many cases, what seems to be a loose implant is really only a loose healing cap. The healing cap is a small screw that is placed over the top of the implant while your mouth is healing. Eventually, it will be replaced by the permanent crown.

However, sometimes these caps can get loose and irritate surrounding gum tissue. To fix this issue, your dentist will simply remove the cap, clean the top of the implant, and then screw the healing cap back in place.

4. Nerve Damage

Another problem that can occur is a dental implant being placed too close to surrounding nerves. This can cause damage to these nerves, leading to symptoms like chronic pain and numbness or tingling in the face, lips, and chin.

In some cases, this damage might only be temporary as your body heals. However, it can also be permanent and require the removal of the implant.

5. Pressure from Temporary Bridge

While you are waiting for your implant to heal, the dentist will usually place a bridge over the implant to act as a temporary tooth. This temporary bridge can press into the gums, causing you to feel pain around the implant area.

Luckily, this problem is easy to fix, as your dentist simply needs to adjust the fit of the bridge to bring you relief.

If you have dental implants and are experiencing any sort of pain, be sure to contact us right away before the problem gets worse.

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