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Suffering from Dry Mouth? Try These Tips.

April 30, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Russell D. Mann
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Suffering from dry mouth? You’re not alone – statistics show that 27.3 percent of women and 21.3 percent of men have chronic issues with dry mouth. It’s the worst when your tongue feels like sandpaper and your breath starts to smell. Fight back against this irksome problem with the following tips.

Drink More Water

While drinking water isn’t a cure for dry mouth, it will help keep your mouth and throat wetter. Instead of opting for that can of soda, switch it out for a bottle of water. Your mouth will thank you, and it will help you stay hydrated.

Chew Sugar-Free Candies

Yes, there’s actually a good reason for eating candies and chewing gum. They can help stimulate more saliva production to keep your mouth moist, just like it should be. Just make sure you aren’t munching on sugary treats, as these can lead to dangerous tooth decay (not to mention weight gain).

Change Your Mouthwash

Do you rinse with a particular brand of mouthwash? If so, it could be drying out your mouth. Try switching brands to see if you can find any relief. Better yet, switch to a rinse specifically for combating dry mouth.

Invest in a Humidifier

If the air in your home is dry, it could be leading to dry mouth, especially during the night while you’re sleeping. Try setting up a humidifier in your home to see if that helps your mouth stay moister throughout the day.

Kick Cigarettes to the Curb

Cigarettes have countless negative effects on your health, and dry mouth is one of them. The tobacco in the cigarette decreases your saliva production. If you’ve been smoking for a while, slowly taper off your use until your cravings die down.

Still having problems with dry mouth even after taking these steps? Contact us today to learn more about how Dr. Mann can help cure your dry mouth for good.

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